Stern release the much anticipated Munsters Pinball Machine, available in three versions. Aside from each having distinct cabinet art, the Premium and Limited Edition versions contain some extra goodies under the glass; most significantly there’s a sunken, mini-playfield under the center of the main playfield. It has miniature flippers, it’s own tiny ramp and even a wireform with an upkicker. Stern’s press release also points out the sunken playfield has its own multiball mode. The Pro mode does not have a sunken mini-playfield, but all three versions share the following features:


  • A left ramp that lifts up to reveal a Spot toy you can bash with the ball (Spot is the Munster family’s pet dragon).
  • A right ramp that stern describes as a “turn-around, flip-up ramp”.
  • A large Herman Munster with a magnet to catch and toss the ball around.
  • A “Zap” button. No word on what that does yet.
  • A scoop with a built in metal protector (pinball owners will be relieved to hear this, these traditionally naked wood scoops are the main point of wear on many playfields).
  • Each version has unique cabinet art, but the Premium version has a full black-and-white art package. Pretty neat.
  • The now-standard monitor in the backbox with custom graphics and scenes from The Munsters sitcom.

Munsters Pinball Machine Pro, Premium

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