Features: Bally made thousands of these games 18,250 to be exact but you will be very hard pushed to find a better example than this one which has been in two private collections for over 16 years and originates from Germany. Our unit has an original 9.75 back glass, original 9/10 playfield. Repainted cabinet using exact original stencil design and pedantically reproduced colours. Fully chromed and polished metal plus ALL NEW boards in the back. These are Altek MPU, Solenoid driver, lamp driver and Mally Power/rectifier board. The sound board will also be new although the original works perfectly well.


Notes from IPDB: The backglass depicts Hugh Hefner with 1976 Playmate Patti McGuire and 1977 Playmate Sondra Theodore. Tom Nieman, VP of Marketing for Bally Pinball, told us his name or initials appeared on most backglasses of this time period for which he obtained the license. On this game, his name appears on the champagne bottle.The start-up tune, Grotto tune, and bonus score countdown tune resemble portions of Cy Coleman’s “Playboy’s Theme” from the 1969 TV show “Playboy After Dark”.

Playboy (Bally) 1978

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